Photo Restoration

Restoring photos can be a pain staking process but with time dedication and experience, a previously poor and faded photo can be brought back to life.

Years of experience and knowledge allow me to provide a full photo restoration service for you. Even ripped and physically damaged photos can be saved. Contact me to discuss your needs. 

If you have the photos already scanned then they can be emailed to me. I will provide you with a sample of what can be done with no obligation to pay. (See the sample below - a photo of myself as a baby). 

If you do not have scanning abilities then please send the originals via a recorded service. Contact me first to discuss further.


Level 1 - £10.00

Restoration of any individual photo that has become faded, mild creases and dog ears.

Level 2 - £20.00

Restoration of torn and more severely damaged photos. This is a more time consuming process

Bulk Restoration - Contact me